Parent as coach Training

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Parent as coach Training

Duration 3 days,
21 instructional hours

Become a
Solution-Focused Parent

Confidently raise and create a deeper connection with your child. Become a parent that knows how to face the digital challenges of today’s world through enhancing your communication and social-emotional skills. Discover key aspects of a child’s brain development and how use this knowledge to spend meaningful time with your child. Become curious in your child’s learning process and build plans together.

Parent as Coach provides simple yet powerful techniques that empower you to build a strong, respectful and loving relationship with your child.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Discover approaches you can use to assist your child to develop from an emotionally-centered child into a confident, possibility-oriented and loving adult.
  • Gain and practice simple coaching skills to create trust, listen deeply and ask the kind of questions that connect your child to their developing abilities.
  • Create effective short and long-term agreements with your child that are mutually beneficial and support their growth.
  • Manage disruptive situations effectively with time-tested and well researched coaching techniques.
  • Develop the capacity to access and remain in a resourceful mindset during otherwise tense and difficult moments with your child.
  • Gain the ability to support and challenge your child in a positive way with communication techniques that allow for sincere and honest conversations.
  • Practice powerful storytelling to engage your child’s imagination, develop their cognitive abilities as well as, encourage a deep, loving connection between you and your child.
  • Discover how to hold space for your child’s own self-empowerment which supports them in developing themselves as their own leader.

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This course is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 21 hours of Continuing Coaching Education Units (17 of them are ICF Core Competencies).

Training “Parent as a Coach” is accredited by the ICF and is in charge of 21 CCEUs, and can assist coaches in renewing the ICF accreditation.

About program:

Duration 3 days, 21 instructional hours

For over 20 years, Erickson Coaching International has been delivering coach training programs and this program offers basic coach training for effective parenting. The course gives examples and practises for key principles and practises of effective parenting based on neuroscience, child creativity and development studies, and observations of effective family life. Parents will practise communication and coaching exercises that apply to different situations and life development concerns in the lives of their children. They will practise speaking to different activity and developmental needs of their children. They will look at the short-term and long-term needs of the growing child, as well as the family and parent’s own growth with the child.

Learning objectives:

  • Share best practices and principles from the neuroscience of child development.
  • Practice various parent-child conversations using a solution-focused approach
  • Conduct, facilitate, and deliver coach-training feedback with and between parents exploring various parenting situations and strategies.
  • Assist parents to discover their own long-term values and choices as parents over a potential 20-year parenting period.

Methods of evaluation:

All of the above learning objectives are explored as parents work in small teams discussing and practising with other parents who have children in the same age group. The learning objectives are effectively met if the practising partners have determined that they now have choices and practises useful for better communication with their children and can implement them into their home environments.

Admission requirements:

High school diploma or 19 years of age. The program is for parents and addresses parenting concerns. Even though it uses basic coaching attitudes and practises, it is not for coaching development.

Become a
Solution-Focused Parent

Upcoming Dates:

19 – 21.10.2019.

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