Workshop – The Art & Science of Coaching

Do you want to become a coach? Are you interested in coaching?
Gain a certificate – proof of your professionalism!

Do you want to be the best coach for your clients?
Become a part of a team of coaches that uses latest knowledge from the world!

As a part of this Workshop, we present a program that we are the only one having license for in the Czech Republic.
Coaching as a method of employment is becoming very popular in the Czech Republic. Therefore, do not hesitate to take the opportunity to acquire quality and certified methods from professional coaches from abroad.

Introduction of training

The Art and Science of Coaching is a training aimed to develop the core competencies of professional coaches defined by ICF. We work on these topics – building a foundation, building relationships, effective communication, learning support, and working on goals. Upon completion of this training, participants can be certified as professional coaches of Erickson Coaching International.

Workshop topics – come and learn more about the training from your future trainer

Why The Art and Science of Coaching training is just for me
How to use coaching skills not only in coaching but also in management and leadership
How to become a certified coach (internationaly recognised – this training is accredited by ICF)
Ask whatever questions regarding the trainig

Workshop facilitator


The workshop will be led by experienced coach Predrag Jovanovic. Predrag is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and as such he is a member of the Erickson International coaching team. At the same time, he is PCM Coach, the NLP Master Coach (with the right to certify on behalf of the International NLP Association IA-NLP from Switzerland and the International NLP Institute of Berlin) and the Master Coach (with the right to certify on behalf of the International Association of Coaching Institute – ICI).

Date of the workshop

Tuesday 16. 10. 2018, 18:00 in Prague 10

Price of the workshop

We are happy to provide you with answers to your questions for free. The workshop is free of charge.

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